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LUCERO shines with advocacy and assistance for a growing population

College comes with challenges. And for students who are the first in their families to attend college, the challenges can be immense.

Felipe Lopez Sustaita sees students facing those challenges every day at Lansing Community College. As the coordinator of LCC’s LUCERO program, Lopez Sustaita is on the front lines of providing services for the College’s nearly 400 Hispanic and Latino students.


"LUCERO came about a little over 11 years ago because of the need perceived by our community and faculty," says Lopez Sustaita of the program that means ‘star’ or ‘brilliance’ in Spanish. "They saw that Latinos were graduating at a lower rate than other students, and that Latinos who transferred to other colleges or universities had a lower retention rate, too."

LUCERO helps connects Latino students with key services such as academic advising, career and personal counseling, and personalized tutoring. The program encourages students to attend conferences, tour four-year schools, and participate in campus cultural events and fundraisers. LUCERO also partners with Michigan State University and other organizations to recruit, mentor and advocate for Latino students from across the state and nation.

"LUCERO is unique among community colleges," says Lopez Sustaita who frequently gets requests for information from other colleges and universities. "It’s the only program of its kind in Michigan, and I would assume throughout the country."

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Participants complete “Get a Skill, Get a Job”, secure jobs with State of Michigan

This month, Lansing Community College will hold graduation for 15 participants that have successfully completed the Get a Skill, Get a Job training program in Information Technology.

Last June, LCC partnered with the Michigan Department of Technology, Management, and Budget to train 15 individuals, for one month, in the field of Information Technology. Upon successful completion of the program, the participants were offered the opportunity for placement in a 30-hour per-week job as an IT Student Assistant with the State of Michigan.

“The Business and Community Institute (BCI) at LCC has the charge and privilege of helping regional employers grow by enhancing their productivity, leading to job creation and retention,” said Baldomero Garcia, executive director of LCC’s Business & Community Institute. 

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Honors student overcomes odds, departs for college life in Germany


Six years ago, Mary Katherine Pulliam faced the possibility she would never graduate high school and lead an independent life. Today, she’s on her way to Germany to study international business management after two years of honors courses at Lansing Community College.

Pulliam defied the odds. In 2008 at the age of 14, the Leslie High School student was randomly attacked and brutally beaten by a fellow student as she walked to her first morning class. Pulliam was left for dead and later rescued by three freshmen, also on their way to school via a neighborhood path.

"I had more than a year of rehabilitation and therapy," says Pulliam of the senseless and savage assault that resulted in a severe head injury, a broken nose, bone and skull fractures, and bruises to her liver and lungs. "I had to relearn to walk. Take special education classes. No one was sure if I could lead a normal life."

But Pulliam was determined to live life and pursue dreams beyond her small town. She went on to graduate high school, including spending her senior year in Germany through the Youth for Understanding exchange program. When she returned, she set her sights on attending college in Europe. Looking around, she discovered the path to her dreams was just a freeway drive away at LCC.

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Summer program offers adults career coach and a team of support


Adults looking to return to college and gain the skills needed to be successful in today’s workplace have a unique opportunity to get personalized support through a pilot program at Lansing Community College.  

LCC’s Gateway to Success Adult Boot Camp starts July 14 and is designed to prepare adults of any age for a better college experience while gaining skills needed for today’s workplace.

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Lansing’s newest landmark begins taking shape at downtown campus


This week, crews from the Lansing Glass Company have been installing the glass exterior of the newly renovated Gannon Building at Lansing Community College.  

Click HERE for a short video clip taken Wednesday, July 2 of the installation crews at work hanging the large glass panels.

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Alumna lands dream job after reconnecting with LCC


Paulette BeVier always knew the career path she wanted to follow. She just took a little detour along the way.

"I had to move back in with my parents during the recession," says BeVier, who graduated college during the peak of the economic downturn in 2009 and couldn’t find a job. "I got that feeling of not being good enough and not being where you should be going."

That’s when BeVier decided to go back to school and restart, this time at Lansing Community College. After talking to LCC advisers, BeVier set her sights on an associate degree in accounting. Because she had already taken on substantial student loans for her previous schooling, BeVier sought financial assistance from Michigan Works! as well as an occupational scholarship to help fund her tuition and fees.

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Once blighted home gets new life thanks to service learning partnership

Three years ago, two homes in Lansing’s Eastside were on the verge of collapse. Both sat empty except for the squirrels and raccoons that had taken up residence. Rumors circulated that one had been a meth lab. It was time, community organizers knew, to reclaim the nearly century-old family homes.

In partnership with the Allen Neighborhood Center and the Ingham County Land Bank, Lansing Community College began transforming the tax-foreclosed houses. Faculty set up shop in the 1500 block of East Kalamazoo Street. Students made one of the two homes their classroom. And hammers began to swing as the Restoration Works project got underway to conquer blight in a city neighborhood.

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